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St. Louis Advertising and PR Agencies

The definition of what an advertising agency is has certainly changed over the years, but one truism remains – agencies exist as a collection of experts who use their professional advice and talents to advance their clients’ brands and messages. These talents are used in print advertising, graphic design/collateral, radio and television production, public relations, sales promotions, events, outdoor displays, web and digital media. Agency sizes vary and our goal for this list is to recognize as many St. Louis communications professionals as we can.

We’ve attempted to gather the names of St. Louis advertising agencies from over the years. Some of these firms were headquartered in St. Louis, while others had their headquarters in different cities and maintained a St. Louis office.

In any list of this nature there are omissions and we apologize in advance. If you know of an advertising agency that is not included please send it via email to If you can include a brief history (or archives) we would appreciate that information as well.

Agency NameHistoryAccounts
B2B Automotive Marketing  2013
Backer Spievogel Bates, Inc  1990?
Backer Spievogel Bates, Inc  1991?
Bandolier Group  2008?
Bartels & Carstens Advertising 
Bartels & Company  Sinclair's Restaurant (1983), Gordon Restaurant (1983), Perio Products (1983), St. Louis Zoo, Earlham College (1994), Gloria's Corner Store (1994), Frazer's Traveling Bag Restaurant (1999), Shaw's Coffee (1999),
Bartram Agency  1989 Home Federal Savings & Loan (1990), Lincoln Technical Institute (1994), Consumers Choice Services (1994),
J.S. Batt Advertising Company  1925?- 1928 Name changed to Joseph S. Batt Company
Joseph S. Batt Company  1928- 1930s
Batton, Barton, Durstein & Osborne  1974? Branch of NY agency
Batz-Hodgson-Neuwoehner Advertising Agency  1950-1986 Name changed to BHN A.W. Cash Co. (1954), General Electric Company Plastics Dep't. (1956), Midwest Piping, Inc. (1959), Stephens Business Forms (1961?), Hager & Sons Hinge Manufacturing (1962), Pittsburgh-Erie Saw Co. (1962), Better Business Bureau (1962), Watlow Electric Mfg. (1962?), Maull's Barbecue Sauce (1962?), Downtown St. Louis, Inc. (1962), Dixie Mills feeds (1962), Phelan-Faust Paints (1963), Mesker Bros. (1963), Nuclear Consultants Corp. (1964), Moog Industries (1972), Milnot (1975), Francis Chevrolet (1975), Shure Mfg. (1976), Ravarino-Freschi (1977), Show Case Distributors (1978), The Sporting News (1978), Sporting Goods Dealer (1978), Mayrose Meats (1978), Tom Boy stores (1978), Mylee Digital Sciences (1981), Watlow Electric (1983), United Way (1983), National Vendors (1983), Roosevelt Federal Savings & Loan (1984), Wetterau/IGA (1984), Optical Outlets (1984), Forsythe Group (1984), Eisenstadt. Co. (1984), Alexian Brothers Hospital (1985), SaveMart (1985), Masonry Institute of St. Louis (1985), Graybar Electric (1985), Tartan Corner (1986), St. Mary on the Mount Rehabilitatin Center (1986), J. Hunter's Cafe (1986), SSM Healthcare (1986), National Museum of Transport (1986), St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery Associates (1986),
S.J. Beattie, Inc.  1988
Beecher Advertising Company  1933- Ramco Piston Rings (1933-), Central Breweries (1935-36), Ramsey Auto Accessories (1936-), Corno Feeds (1938-)
Beecher-Cale-Maxwell, Inc.  1929- 1932 Formerly Beecher-Maxwell Panama Seat Covers, Wedler-Shuford Co. (1930-),
Beecher-Maxwell, Inc.  - 1929 Name changed to Beecher-Cale-Maxwell.
Bergen Advertisig Company  1925?-
Berger-Jenkins-Oberg Advertising  1927?-
Bert Ball Advertising Company  1906- 1910 (Name changed to Mooney-Dickey)
BHN Advertising and Public Relations, Inc.  1986 Name changed from Batz Hodgson Neuwoehner - 1991 Sverdrup Corp., United Van Lines, Control Devices, Inc. (1987), Hercules Construction (1987), Missouri Bankers' Association (1987), DEMA Engineering (1987), Daniel & Henry Insurance (1987), State of St. Louis economic development (1987), Jewish Hospital (1987), Therminol (1987), Executive Coach Builders (1988), Lincoln lubrication equipment (1988), St. Louis Kentucky Fried Chicken (1988), St. Louis Sun (1989), Florists' Mutual Insurance (1991),
Biddle Advertising Company  1957 Satellite office of Bloomington, Il. company.
bigwidesky  2004-
Bishop Partners  2008?
Black Coffee Productions  1994
Blake Advertising Company  1990?
Blick & Staff Communications 
Blitz World Wide Advertising & Public Relations Consultants  1972?
H. George Bloch Advertising Company  1941 Day-Brite Lighting (1945), Associated Manufacturers (1946), Kisco fans (1947), Vevier loose-leaf binders (1947), Laclede-Christy Clay Products (1947), Metal Goods Corp. (1947), Steel Products Mfg. Co. (1948), Guth Lighting (1948), St. Louis Fire Door Company (1949), Hussman Refrigeration (1951), J.A. Weaver Co. (1952), James H. Smith & Sons Corp. (1953), The Shampaine Co. (1955), Sunnen Industrial Products (1955), Continental Concrete (1956), American Air Curtain Corp. (1957), Marsh Stencil Machine Co. (1957), St. Louis Car Co. (1958), Mosley Electronics (1958), Tier Rack Corporation (1958), Sunnen Auto Products (1959), Vita Cee fruit drinks (1960), Hickory Hollow charcoal (1960), Berry-Wehmiller Machinery Co. (1960), Champ-Items auto parts (1960),
Frank Block Associates  1932-1949 Merged w/Westheimer & Company; Westheimer and Block. Became Frank Block & Associates again in 1955. Later FBA Eckrich Packing Co. (1955), Chase Hotel (1955), Merit Clothing (1955-1956), Ozark Air Lines (1955?), The Grove Co. - Thermo-Jac jackets, Sideliner coats (1956), Trimfoot Co. - Claire McCardell Shoes (1956), Winco Ventilator (1956), Knapp-Monarch Co. (1956), Alton Banking and Trust (1956), Rhythm Step Shoes (1956), Elder Mfg. Co. (1957), Bonnee Butter Beef Steaks (1957-1958), A.S. Aloe Co. (1957), Chromcraft, Southern Baptist Convention, Universal Match Corporation, Metabolin, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Remmert-Werner executive aircraft (1958), Golden Dipt (1958), Concordia Publishing (1958), General American Life Insurance (1958), Milton Oil Co. (1959?), Hanan & Son footwear (1959), Maritz Sales Builders (1959), Posturamic System, Inc. (1959), Minx Modes dresses (1960), Jon McCauley dresses (1960), New Era Women's Shirts (1961), Vande Professional Equipment Leasing Corp. (1961), Terro insecticide (1962), Marsh Stencil Machines (1962), Laurel Springs Bourbon (1962?), Continental Towers (1962), Lodge of the Four Seasons (1962), Hanan men's shoes (1962), Brunswick Corp. (1963), ITT Weaver (1980?), ITT Blackburn (1981),
Bogard & Finkel Communications  1985- 1995 Team Four, Inc. (1994), Town Planner (1995), Specialized Clinical Services (1995), Geotechnology Inc. (1997),
C.W. Bolan Advertising  1943- 1957 Renamed Charles W. Bolan, Inc.
Bolan, Atkinson & Associates  1962
Charles W. Bolan, Incorporated  1957 Formerly C.W. Bolan Advertising Frank Adam Electric Co. (1958),
Borgmeyer & Musen Advertising  1988 Alpine Shop (1988), Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics-Milwaukee (1988), Jack King Toyota (1988), Kurtz Concrete Co. (1988), Dobbs Auto Centers (1989), The Estates of Whitmoor Country Club (1991), Business Products Center (1991), St. Louis Blues (1991), Kretschmar Hams (1991), SSM Rehabilitation Institute (1991), Custom Communications Co. (1991), Thomas Construction (1992), Cencom Cable
Borgmeyer Advertising, Inc.  1985?-1988 Became Borgmeyer & Musen Jefferson Savings & Loan (1986), United Services for the Handicapped (1986). Dave Mungenast Honda (1987), Silver Eagle Construction (1987),
Boston Creative  2008?
Thomas M. Bowers Advertising Agency  Chicago-based. Opened St. Louis office in 1930.
Boxing Clever  2011-
Boyd Advertising Agency  1928- 1929
Frank D. Boyd Advertising Company  1926?- 1928 Name changed to Boyd Advertising Agency West Virginia Coal Co. (1926-), J. Kennard & Sons (1926-), Busy Bee Candies (1926-), Drosten Jewelry (1926-), Oliver Cadillac (1926-), People's Motorbuses (1926-), National Bank of Commerce (1926-), Swope Shoe Co. (1926-), DeLuxe Ice Cream & Furnas Ice Cream (1926-),
Boyle Creative  2008?
Brado Cuneo Llc.  2000?
Brado Cuneo Nollau 
Braibish Communications 
Brandvein Public Relations  1990 Mid-Rivers Mall (1990), St. Louis Ballet Company (1990), Marine Leasing Institute (1990), Webster Groves Old Orchard Shopping (1991),
Brandvein-Aaronson Public Relations  1990-
Bretz Public Relations  2003-
Bright Central Public Relations  1983
Brighton Agency  1989- Fairmount Park Race Track (1990), Drury Inns (1993), St. Louis Art Fair (1994), Nordyne, Sofa & Chair Co.(1996), Men's Medical Center (1996), BASF (1999), Sundowner (1999), Hager (1999), Schlafly Beer (2000), FURminator, National Corn Growers' Association, Centene, P&G Petcare, Monsanto, Washington University, Victor Technologies, Sensient Technologies Corp., Wine Chateau (2001),
Britt-Gibbs Advertising Company  1926- 1931 Brooks Tomato Products (1928), Sterling Products (1929-), Algonite Stone (1931)
Britt-Schiele Advertising Company  1925?- 1926
Brockland & Moore, Inc.  1926?- 1929 Renamed Ralph Moore, Inc. Abraham Fur Co., American Metal Products Co., Asphalt Brick Co., Baldor Electric Co., Benjamin Mfg. Co., Dazey Churn Mfg. Co., Hipolite Co., Houk Adding Pencil Co., Multiplex Display Fixture Co., Walton Supply Co., Hussman Refrigeration (1928), Boss Mixers-American Cement Machine (1928),
Clifford F. Broeder Co.  1936? Wax-All Floor Polish (1936-), Vess Beverages (1937), Selle Jewelry Co. (1937), Peter Pan Beauty Shops (1937), Fire Chief Stoker Co. (1937), Oliver Mfg. (1937), Stok-A-Fire Corp. (1938), Mound City Brewing Co. (1938), Bubble-Up (1938), Cleo Syrup Co. (1938), Valley Electric Co. (1939),
Budke-Connell Advertising Agency  1930s Blanke Coffee & Tea (1934-35), Stag Beer (1934-35), St. Louis Casket Co, (1934-), The Roxal Co. (1935), F.C. Taylor Fur Co. (1934-36), Hotel Jefferson (1935-1941?), Roxal Company (1935), J.H. McLean Medicine Co. (1935-36), Egyptian Tie and Timber (1935), Coronado Hotel (1936-),
Gert Bunchez & Associates, Inc.  1979
Burke Advertising, Inc.  1972?
Donald F. Burnes and Associates  1986
Busch Creative Services 
Sue Bussen Advertising  1982
Byrne PR  2012 Anheuser-Busch; Drury Hotels; Lion's Choice; Centene; Edward Jones; St. Louis Brewers' Heritage Festival; O'Fallon Brewery;
Jerry Byrne Advertising  1956?