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The Evening Bulletin History

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This already popular journal was established in 1859 by Messrs. Peckham & Bittenger, who, in a few months afterward, disposed of it to Mr. Eugene Longmaier, a young gentleman of fine attainments, who has commenced his editorial career with much promise.
Mr. Longmaier is particularly suited to the atmosphere of St. Louis, for he was born in the Mound City – his parents also, and his grandparents; and his great-grandmother, Madame Elizabeth Ortes, is the oldest inhabitant of the place. His journal is decidedly partisan, and embraces the Democratic creed. It has a daily and weekly issue.

(From Edwards’ Great West…And A Complete History of St. Louis by Richard Edwards and Dr. M. Hopewell, 1860).

The Bulletin, conducted by James Peckham and John L. Bittinger, in 1861 fell into the hands of two zealous secessionists, Eugene Longuemare and Thomas L. Snead...Longuemare wrote another man's name on a check and did time at Jefferson City.

Var: St. Louis Evening Bulletin, St. Louis Daily Evening Bulletin.