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Star-Republican History

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Originally the St. Louis County Republican
The first offices of the Star-Republican were located on the basement room of the Court House building [in Clayton] in the middle of the public square…It met with favor from Democrats and Republicans alike. The county government was then in the hands of Democratic appointees of Governor Phelps, with the exception of Christian D. Wolff, who had been made Public Administrator. [Star-Republican publisher Robert B.] Crossman was an earnest champion of Republican doctrines and vigorously advocated the election of the party’s candidates. They were elected. He secured the public printing. The Republicans elected their entire ticket, with the solitary exception of their candidate for Commissioner of Roads and Bridges, to which office Henri Chomeau, its former Democratic incumbent, was elected.
At this juncture came a crisis. The conflicting interests of prohibition and the saloon were as antagonistic then as now. Mr. Crossman felt that duty required his espousal of the temperance propaganda, not only as an individual, but as the editor of a paper. An irrepressible conflict began and was continued until, finally, an offer to purchase his plant was made to Mr. Crossman, coupled with conditions he would not accept, and which he refused.
The ultimate result was his loss of an amount of patronage, without which he could not continue his paper, his withdrawal from the Clayton field and his taking a position with a large St. Louis publishing house as night editor, a position he held for twenty years.
Reprinted from The History of St. Louis County by William L. Thomas, 1911).