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New KMOX Transmitter Dedication

Under construction for over a year, the new KMOX transmitter will be dedicated April 7 [1947] woth a special broadcast at 6:00 P.M. Dr. Frank Stanton, President of the Columbia Broadcasting System, and other CBS officials, together with leading citizens from Illinois and Missouri will attend the dedication broadcast to be followed by a special edition of the "Land We Line In."
The new Westinghouse transmitter is located in Stallings, Illinois, 10 1/2 miles northwest (sic) of downtown St. Louis and five miles from the nearest point on the Mississippi in the center of the old river bed. Engineering measurements indicate the new transmitter will enable KMOX to serve approximately 25 percent more radio homes that at present. Harry Harvey, Director of Engineering of KMOX covered some 2,000 miles in locating the most desirable site for this transmitter. The rich top soil found at Stallings, together with its lack of mineral deposits was responsible for the selection of this site.
The property covers 40 acres and the new tower is 470 feet high and 5 feet wide at its widest point. The plant is one of the newest and most modern 50,000 watt transmitters in the United States. There is 95,000 feet of copper wire buried under the ground on the 40 acre tract. Two artesian wells have been dug on the property - one for cooling purposes and one as a permanent water supply. They are believed to be the only two artesian wells in the area.
The damp ground serves as an excellent "ground" but made it necessary to drive 69 steel and concrete pilings, each 35 feet long and one foot in diameter, for the foundation of the building and tower.
KMOX is proud to be able to bring listening pleasure to thousands of additional radio homes in this area.
(Originally published in Listen and Learn, a KMOX newsletter 4/1947)