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Thomas Patrick, Inc. New Corporate Name Of KWK

In a blaze of justifiable glory the corporate name of KWK was changed last week to Thomas Patrick, Inc., honoring Thomas Patrick Convey, founder and principal builder of the station through whose ceaseless efforts KWK has risen from humble beginnings to nationwide importance.


In a surprise program by his own associates the announcement went out over the air to KWK listeners, and Mr. Convey acknowledged the distinction in one of his characteristic, friendly speeches in which he pledged continued efforts on his part to bring to KWK listeners the best in radio features, keeping abreast with all that is new in radio, both artistically and technically, not only for the benefit of KWK and its well-wishers, but for St. Louis as well.
Radio and Entertainment joins with the great host of Thomas Patrick radio fans in extending felicitations to KWK and the man through whose efforts the station and St. Louis have become important links in the great NBC national network. More power to you, Mr. Convey!
(Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 11/21/1931).