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Current Board Members
President: Eric Rothenbuhler
VP: Jennifer Starkey
Secretary: Bob Byrne
Treasurer: Bill Salzman
Members: Susie Anderson-Bauer
Patricia Crowe
Dan Dillon
Dave Garino
Tim Lawlor
Kerry Manderbach
Dan Martin
Avis Meyer
Ken Ohlemeyer
Mark Pierce
Ann Lemons Pollack
Mark Sableman
Bill Salzman
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St. Louis Media History Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization is proud to present this portal of the history of St.Louis-area media.

The St. Louis Media History Foundation is actively involved in pursuing all aspects of preserving local media history. We have an oral history effort in which media veterans are encouraged to share their memories for posterity.


The Foundation also maintains the St. Louis Media Halls of Fame and has established a college scholarship in the name of Joe Pollack, who was an original board member. All donations, both financial and material-related, are tax-deductible. If you worked in St.Louis media, we encourage you to contact us and share your memories and discuss ways in which we may work together to preserve those memories. Financial donations to help our efforts are also welcome.

Frank Absher, Executive Director

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radio hISTORY

Our radio sections trace the development of the radio industry in St. Louis and highlights those who have helped to shape it.

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television history

Countless television personalities have made an impact on St. Louis and have called it home. This site relives those memories and highlights the history of these television pioneers.

Advertising and PR Media
Advertising & P.R. History

St. Louis is home to the first and longest continuous advertising club in the country. Many memorable brands and campaigns have their roots in St. Louis and this site celebrates that rich history.

Print Media History
PRINT History

Many contributed to the local history of the print medium in St. Louis. Their different publications, which number in the hundreds, show a colorful developmental process through the centuries.

Digital Media History

St. Louis is a key player in this remarkable technological evolution. The path toward constant communication was paved with innovation that originated and first flourished here.

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St. Louis Media History Foundation
1805 Park Ave. 3D
St. Louis, MO 63104-2924
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