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Print Media History

For most people, two individuals come to mind when thinking of the history of print media in St. Louis: Elijah Lovejoy and Joseph Pulitzer.

But many more contributed to the local history of the print medium, and their different publications, which number in the hundreds, show a colorful developmental process through the centuries.

(Most of the masthead images shown on this site have been photo edited because of the poor quality of the microfilms and existing copies of the publications.)

(Sources: St. Louis Public Library Media Archives; Great West…and A Complete History of St. Louis – Richard Edwards, M. Hopewell; A Tour of St. Louis, Or, The Inside Life of A Great City – Joseph Dacus, James W. Buel; A Newspaper Man’s Motion-Picture of the City – W.A. Kelsoe; The St. Louis Journalism Review; Missouri Newspapers-When and Where 1808-1963 – William H. Taft; The Missouri Historical Society; The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library; The Missouri History Museum; and Missouri Newspapers – William H. Taft; )