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Radio People Born and Bred in St. Louis

  • Most recent list published July 18, 2014.
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Chuck Acree 09/22/1913 - 11/04/1991

Emcee: "Hint Club," "We, the Wives," "Ladies Be Seated" "Auction Quiz"

Harry Babbitt 11/03/1913 - 04/09/2004 "Kay Kyser’s Surprise Party"
"Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge"
"By Popular Demand"
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Josephine Baker 06/03/1906 - 04/12/1975

Singer: “Fleischmann’s Yeast Hour”

Norman Barry 01/19/1909 - 12/25/1997

Announcer: “Dan Harding’s Wife”

Marion Bell 11/16/1919 - 12/14/1997

Actress, singer: “The Railroad Hour”

Sally Benson 09/03/1897 - 07/19/1972

Writer: “Junior Miss”

Yogi Berra 05/12/1925 -

Baseball hall of famer: “Feature Project,” “This Game of Baseball”

Joe Besser 08/12/1907 - 03/01/1988

Comedian: “Jack Benny Program”

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Morris Carnovsky 09/05/1897 - 09/01/1992

Actor: “Prairie Folks,” “Into the Light”

Nancy Craig 1914- 1981

ABC Radio/TV Program hostess, commentator

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Jack Danon 04/13/1932 - 08/12/1996

Singer: “Fibber McGee and Molly”

Bill Days 04/02/1911 - 05/06/2002

Singer in “Blue Ribbon Town” in Sportsmen
Quartet: “Jack Benny Program”
Singer in Rockaway Four, “Gay ‘90s Review”

Dan Donaldson 03/11/1915 - 12/01/1991

Announcer: “Kitty Keene, Inc.,”
“Ma Perkins”
“Auction Quiz”

T. S. Eliot 09/26/1888 - 01/04/1965

Writer: “Columbia Workshop”

Lee Falk 04/28/1911 - 03/13/1999

Writer: “Mandrake the Magician”

Frank Faylen 12/08/1907 - 08/02/1985

Actor: “Screen Guild Theatre”

Jimmie Fidler 08/24/1900 - 08/09/1988

Commentator: “Jimmy Fidler”

Four Vagabonds 1931- 1950

The Breakfast Club, Club Matinee, Amos & Andy, Tin Pan Alley of the Air, Curt Massey Show, Chesterfield Supper Club, Nat King Cole Show 

Fred S. Fox 07/26/1915 - 10/23/2005

Writer: “The Pepsodent Show Starring Bob Hope”
“The Judy Canova Show”

Jane Froman 11/10/1907 - 04/22/1980

​Singer: “Florsheim Frolic”
“Bromo Seltzer Hour”
“Gulf Musical Playhouse”
“Texaco Star Theater”
“Pontiac Parade”
“Pontiac Hour”
“The Pause That Refreshes On The Air”
“The Bob Hope Show”

Art Gillham 01/01/1895 - 06/06/1961

​Piano playing vocalist: “The Whispering Pianist” “Breakfast with Art”

“Syncopated Pessimism”

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Betty Grable 12/18/1916 - 07/02/1973

Actress: “Hollywood Showcase”
“Screen Guild Theatre”
“So You Want to Lead a Band”​

Gustave Haenschen 11/03/1889 - 03/27/1980

​Conductor: “Palmolive Hour”
“Show Boat”
“Saturday Night Serenade”
“American Album of Familiar Music”
“The Song Shop”
“Champion Spark Plug Hour”
“The Pet Milk Show”

Edmund L. Hartman 09/24/1911 - 11/28/2003

Writer: “Lux Radio Theatre”

Georgette Harvey 12/31/1884 - 02/17/1952

Female bass singer: “New World A’ Coming”
“Free Company”

Lynne "Angel" Harvey 10/04/1912 - 05/03/2008

Producer: “The Rest of the Story”

Mary Jane Higby 05/29/1909 - 02/01/1986

​Actress: “When a Girl Marries”
“This Is Nora Drake”
“Hollywood Hotel”
“Joe Palooka”
“John’s Other Wife”
“Romance of Helen Trent”
“Joyce Jordan, M.D.”
“Parties At Pickfair”
“Listening Post”

Carl Hohengarten 08/23/1902 - 12/03/1968

​Orchestra leader: “Double Everything”
“Knickerbocker Playhouse”
“Gateway to Hollywood”

Frank Hummert 06/02/1884 - 03/12/1966

​Producer: “Central City”
“Orphans of Divorce”
“Backstage Wife”
“Lorenzo Jones”
“Alias Jimmy Valentine”
“Front Page Farrell”
“Manhattan Merry-Go-Round”
“Those Happy Gilmans”
“Just Plain Bill”
“American Album of Familiar Music”
“Lavender and New Lace”
“David Harum”
“Betty and Bob”
“Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons”
“Our Gal Sunday”
“The Romance of Helen Trent”
“John’s Other Wife”
“Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch”
“The Molle Mystery Theater”
“Amanda of Honeymoon Hill”
“Nona from Nowhere”
“Judy and Jane”
“The American Melody Hour”
“Second Husband”
“Mr. Chameleon”
“Arnold Grimm’s Daughter”
“Lora Lawton”
“Rich Man’s Darling”
“Stella Dallas”
“The Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters”
“Young Widder Brown”
“Waltz Time”

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Johnny Johnston 12/01/1915 - 01/06/1996

Singer: “Rhapsody in Rhythm,”
“Club Matinee,”
“Duffy’s Tavern,”
“Breakfast Club”

Cy Kendall 03/10/1898 - 07/22/1953

​Actor: “Tarzan”
“One Man’s Family,”
“Aunt Mary”
“Big Town”
“The Cinnamon Bear”
“The Remarkable Miss Tuttle”

Tom Koch 1925- 2015

Writer: "Bob and Ray," "Monitor"

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Jennie Land 12/17/1911 -

​Singer: “Dramas of Youth,”
“Musical Grocery Store”

Phil Leslie 03/11/1909 - 09/23/1988

​Writer: “Fibber McGee & Molly”
“The Beulah Show”
“The Charlotte Greenwood Show”
“Major Hoople”
“The King’s Men”

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Kay Lorraine 05/29/1918 -

​ Singer: “Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street”
“Lavendar and New Lace”
“Your Hit Parade”

Marion Marlowe 03/07/1929 -

​Singer: “Arthur Godfrey Time”

Helen Martin 07/23/1909 - 02/25/2000

Actress: “Sears Radio Theatre”​

Virginia Mayo 11/30/1920 - 01/17/2005

​Actress: “Lux Radio Theatre”

Marvin Miller 07/18/1913 - 02/08/1985

​ Announcer/Actor: “Cousin Willie” “Jeff Regan, Investigator”
“Author’s Playhouse”
“Romance of Helen Trent”
“The Frank Sinatra Show”
“Beat the Band”
“Me and Janie”
“Aunt Jemima”
“That Brewster Boy”
“The Beulah Show”
“The Affairs of Anthony”
“Peter Quill”
“The Billie Burke Show”
“Armchair Adventures”
“Ma Perkins”
“Burns and Allen”
“Duffy’s Tavern”
“Aunt Mary”
“The Chicago Theater of the Air”
“A Date With Judy”
“Smilin’ Ed’s Buster Brown Gang”
“The Dreft Star Playhouse”
“Father Knows Best”
“The First Nighter Program”
“The Gay Mrs. Featherstone”
“Lonely Women”
“The Theater of Famous Radio Players”
“The NBC University Theater”
“One Man’s Family”
“The Railroad Hour”
“Sears Radio Theater”
“The Whistler”
“Stop That Villain”
“Tell It Again”

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Ralph Moody 11/05/1887 - 09/16/1971

​“Roy Rogers Show,”
“Wild Bill Hickok”

Kevin O'Morrison 05/25/1916 -

​Actor: “Charlie Wild, Private Detective”
“Mercury Theater”

Anne O'Neal 12/23/1893 - 11/24/1971

Actress: “Grapevine Rancho”​

Korla (Juan Rolando) Pandit 09/16/1921 - 10/19/1998

​Organ: “Chandu the Magician,”

Barney Phillips 10/20/1913 - 08/17/1982

​Actor: “Dragnet”
“Hawk Larabee”
“Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator”
Broadway Is My Beat”
“Crime Classics”
“Frontier Gentleman”
“The Man From Homicide”
“NBC Presents: Short Story”
“On Stage”
“The Saint”
“Sears Radio Theater”
“Tales of the Texas Rangers”
“Wild Bill Hickok”
“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”

Dick Post 02/20/1914 -

Announcer: “Scattergood Baines”
“Tony Wons”​

Allen Prescott 01/21/1904 - 01/27/1978

​Host: “Wife Saver”
“Prescott Presents”

Vincent Price 05/27/1911 - 10/25/1993

​ Actor: “Command Performance”
“The Croupier”
“The Doctor Fights”
“Hollywood Startime”
“Philip Morris Playhouse”
“The Saint”
“Sears Radio Theater”
“Skippy Hollywood Theater”
“Treasury Star Parade”
“We Care”

Joe Reichman 07/12/1898 - 04/14/1970

​Bandleader: (The Pagliacci of the Piano)
“A Song is Born”

Gene Rodemich 04/13/1890 - 02/27/1934

Orchestra leader/singer: “Manhattan Merry-Go-Round”​

Elmira Roessler 03/02/1918 - 04/30/1975

Actress, singer: “Backstage Wife”
“Ma Perkins”
“Joe Palooka”
“Meet the Meeks”
“Stepmother” ​

Allen Roth 06/11/1904 - 10/30/1972

Conductor: “Broadway Matinee”
“So You Think You Know Music”
“Texaco Star Theater”​

Jean Rouverol 07/08/1916 -

​Actress: “One Man’s Family”

Sarah Selby 08/30/1905 - 01/07/1980

Actress: “CBS Radio Workshop 1956”
“Junior Miss”
“My Mother’s Husband”

Arvell Shaw 09/15/1923 - 12/05/2002

​Jazz bassist: “Floor Show”
“Damon Runyon Memorial Concert,”

Julie Stevens 11/23/1916 - 08/26/1984

​Actress: “Romance of Helen Trent”
“Kitty Foyle”
“Abbott Mysteries”
“Abie’s Irish Rose”
“Gang Busters”
“Road of Life”

Ted Straeter 11/21/1913 - 04/02/1963

​Orchestra leader: “Jerry Wayne’s Regent Show”
“Kate Smith Show”

Paul Sullivan 09/01/1908 - 02/07/1986

News commentator: CBS​

Eva Taylor 01/22/1895- 10/31/1977

Blues singer/Hostess "Cavalcade"

Kay (Kitty Fink) Thompson 11/09/1908 - 07/02/1998

Singer: “Fred Waring Show”
“Your Hit Parade”
“Tune-Up Time”
“The Chesterfield Show”​

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Cal Tjader 07/16/1925 - 05/05/1982

​Jazz vibraphonist: “Music for Moderns”
“All-Star Parade of Bands”

Helen Traubel 06/16/1899 - 07/28/1972

Singer: “Telephone Hour”
“Jimmy Durante Show”
“The Helen Traubel Show”
“The Metropolitan Opera”​

Mary Treen 03/27/1907 - 07/20/1989

​Actress: “Lux Radio Theatre”

Orrin Tucker 02/17/1911 -

Bandleader: “Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra”
“One Night Stand” ​

Keith Walker 06/29/1935 - 12/30/1996

​Writer: “Hollywood Radio Theatre”

Billie Lou Watt 06/20/1924 - 09/07/2001

​Actress: “Land of the Free”
“CBS Radio Mystery Theatre”

Mary Wickes 06/13/1916 - 10/22/1995

Actress: “Meet Corliss Archer”
“Lorenzo Jones”
“That’s My Pop”​

Florence Williams 10/17/1910 - 03/30/1995

​Actress: “Barry Cameron”
“Front Page Farrell”

Shelley Winters 08/22/1922 - 01/14/2006

​Actress: “Hollywood Star Preview”