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St. Louis Advertising and PR Agencies

The definition of what an advertising agency is has certainly changed over the years, but one truism remains – agencies exist as a collection of experts who use their professional advice and talents to advance their clients’ brands and messages. These talents are used in print advertising, graphic design/collateral, radio and television production, public relations, sales promotions, events, outdoor displays, web and digital media. Agency sizes vary and our goal for this list is to recognize as many St. Louis communications professionals as we can.

We’ve attempted to gather the names of St. Louis advertising agencies from over the years. Some of these firms were headquartered in St. Louis, while others had their headquarters in different cities and maintained a St. Louis office.

In any list of this nature there are omissions and we apologize in advance. If you know of an advertising agency that is not included please send it via email to If you can include a brief history (or archives) we would appreciate that information as well.

Agency NameHistoryAccounts
Salsman Lundgren Public Relations  Rowles Company Homebuilders (1990), Re/Max Properties West (1992), Mediscrip (1993), Closettec (1994), Patricia Schmidt Interior Design (1994), Women's Yellow Pages of St. Louis (1994), Global Transcriptions Inc. (2000), Gateway EDI (2000),
Jack Samuel Public Relations  1967?
Sandbox Creative  2008?
Joe Sander Advertising  1975?
G.F. Sanders & Company  1985? Spencer & Spencer Systems (1990), Westport Athletic Club (1990), Green Turf, Inc. (1991),
G.F. Sanders Public Relations  1989 Flooring Industry Council (1989), Plumbing Industry Council (1989),
Saunders Marketing Group  1999 Build-A-Bear Workshop 1999
Saunders Public Relations & Marketing  Lauer Toys Waterbabies Doll (1990), Pioneer Bank & Trust (1993)
Savan Company 
Savan, Hammerman & Gibbs Advertising  1962?- 1963
Shirley Schermer Associates, Inc.  1985?
Seymour Schiele Advertising Company  1922?- 1930? Force Tonic (1922)
Jos. E. Schmitt Advertising Agency  1945- 1958 Became Jos. E. Schmitt and Associates
Jos. E. Schmitt and Associates  1958 Formerly Jos. E. Schmitt Advertising Agency
Schofield Advertising Service  1928?
Bernard K. Schram & Associates  1947- 1955 Merged with Olson, Garesche and Reiner to become Schram, Reiner, Olson, Inc
Schram, Reiner, Olson, Inc.  1955 Formerly Bernard K. Schram & Associates and Olson, Garesche and Reiner 1959 St. Louis Shoe Show (1958),
Schupp Company  1993- 2014 (Merged with Dovetail) Bud Light (1993), Bud Ice (1995), Diageo, Equifax, St. Louis Blues (1999), MillerCoors (2000-2013), SLUCare, Missouri Baptist University, Hautly Cheese (2001), National Kidney Foundation (2004), U.S. Senior Open (2004), KTRS (2005), Argent Capital (2005), American Association of Orthodontists (2005), American Optometric Association, Pujols Family Foundation, SLUCare
Scorch Agency  2009-
Robert Seat Adv. Agency  1947- 1952 Absorbed by the Prater Advertising Agency Zephyr gasoline (1947), Servel gas refrigerators (1948), Ruud gas water heaters (1948), Roper gas ranges (1948)
Seearcee Advertising Corp.  1952?
Seelig & Company, Advertising  1947 Hardy Salt (1948), Composition Products Co. (1948), Sterling Feather Co. (1948), Crest Corp. appliances (1948), Clarence Baris florist (1948), Wolff Mfg. Co. (1948), Schneider's Credit Jewelers (1948), Fox Lumber (1948), Roto-Print Mfg. (1950), Comfort Writer's Service (1950), Yur-Favorite Cake Co. (1950), Princess Plastic Parties, Inc. (1950), Hauck Bakeries, Inc. (1950), Meyer Bros. Drug Co. (1951), DeSoto Hotel (1951), Camicide (1951), B. Lowe gold buyers (1951), Getzem fish bait (1951), Gil-Bilt tools and fans (1951), Wells-White Mfg. (1951), Kientzel Noodle Co. (1951), The Ark, Inc. (1951), Dale Blake Duck Decoy Setters (1951), Food Center of St. Louis (1952), Win-You jellies, preserves, pie filling (1952), Goodman's for Guns (1952), Instant Plant Shine (1952), Exalin tablets and ointment (1952), Full Moon Brand Tomatoes (1952), IGA Stores - St. Louis (1953), Instant Shine Magic leather renewer (1953), Kas Potato Chips (1953-1955, 1958), Hollander & Co. (1953), Brod-Dugan Paint Co. (1953), Esquire Ice Cream (1954), Lazar & Sons appliance stores (1954), Kanak dietary supplement (1954), Sayman products (1955), Hotel Kingsway and Hotel DeSoto (1956), Lubri-Loy products (1956),
Helen Seevers and Associates  1932 Maschemeyer-Richards Silver Co. (1932-), Mavrakos Candy (1932- 1936), Hotel Kingsway (1933), W.G. Shelton Co. Cosmetics (1934), Rubicam Business School (1934-), Theo. Bender Cosmetic Co (1935), Louise Morrie Eye Cosmetics Co. (1935), Hotel DeSoto (1935), Brooks Paper Co. (1935), Koken Companies (1937), Kaylor Cosmetics (1937), Suzanne Fashions(1937),
Setco Advertising Company  1959? St. Louis Steel Casting (1959),
Shaffer, Brennan, Margulus Advertising Company  1938
Shaffer-Brennan Advertising Company  1925?- 1930s Sentry Pancake Mix (1935-36), Honey Krushed Bread (1935-36), Wax-All Floor Polish (1935-)
Shandwick USA  1997 Reliv International (1997)
Shandwick-Dorf & Stanton  1995
Roy A. Shannon Adv. Co., Incorporated   1946
Milton Sharp Advertising  1956?
The Shelby Syndicate  1926-
Shirley Shermer Associates, Inc.  1985?
Shoss & Associates, Inc.  1980 Milliken Publishing Co. (1988), Care-Tech (1988),
Simantel  Based in Peoria AFB International (2013)
Simmonds & Simmonds, Inc.  1948? Chicago HQ B-1 Beverage Co. (1948-)
John M. Simmons Associates  1961? One-Hour Martinizing Assn. (1962), Shipmates Sportswear, HMS Sportswear (1962), Jack Brandt, Ltd. (1962), MTS Associate Dealers (1962), Kribs Ford City (1962), C.V. Mosby Co. (1962), Figaro International Hair Creations (1963), C.J. Heck Distributors (1963), Gilbert Steambaths (1963), Lewis & Clark Tower (1963),
Simmons Durham  1985- 2001 Purchased by Arnold Worldwide Jack Daniel's Distillery, SW Bell Mobile Systems St. Louis (1989), Illinois & Missouri Farm Bureaus (1989), Chicken of the Sea (1989), Country Cocktail (1991), Purina Mills (1994), Leaf, Inc. (1996), Fox Photo (1997), Paraquad (1997), Maull's Barbecue Sauce (1997), St. Louis Music (1999), Charter Pipeline (1999), Payday and Heath candy bars, Sears Portrait Studios, Elleard B. Heffern Jewelers,
SimmonsCooper  2008?
Simpson Advertising Company  1926?- 1930? American Furnaces (1926-), American Bakery Machinery, American Security Credit Insurance, Central Hardware Co, Century Drinking Fountains, Con-Ferro Paints, Copper-Clad Stoves and Heaters, Delta Lacquers, Diagraph Stencil Machines, Thurston's Perfect Breather, Vestal Chemical Co., Kerr Stoves and Ranges
Lemoine Skinner, Jr., Public Relations Inc.  1968?
Laura Slay and Associates 
Smillie Advertising Group, Inc.  1961 C.V. Mosby reference and text books (1962), Tronic Air Products Co. (1962), Amaz-On fingernail buffing cream (1962), Cartoon Circus, Inc. (1962), Permaneer wall paneling (1962), Bentzinger Bros. paint brushes (1963),
Ralph Smith Advertising Agency  1952
Smith and Neiswander, Inc.  1958 Formerly Jerrol and Associates
Snap Creative 
Sniper Marketing  2008?
The Snyder Group  1998
Soapbox Public Relations 
Solomon & Associates  1988
Solomon-Turner Advertising  1991 American Home Vision, Inc. (1997),
SolomonTurner PR 
Spark Agency 
Spoke Marketing  University of Texas; Suddenlink; Handi-Craft Co. (2015);Eagle Bank (2015); Husky (2015); Heritage University; Lashly & Baer;
Standard Advertising Agency  1927?
The Standing Partnership  St. Louis Regional Commerce & Growth Association (1996),
The Stanton Company  -1977
Leoda Steinheimer Associates  1956? Ad-Craft, Inc. (1956),
Stella Chaney Brown Advertising 
Stemler and Associates 
Stemmler Communications, Inc.  1985
Stemmler, Bartram, Fisher & Payne  1965-1972 Became Stemmler, Fisher and Associates International Hat Co. (1967), Ernest Hazel, Jr., Inc. (1967), Missouri Power & Light (1969), United Home Delivery (1971),
Stemmler, Bartram, Tsakis & Payne  1963-1965 Vinabind book process (1963), Bunce Building Corp. (1963), West Port Industrial/Business Park (1963), Mid-America Raceways (1963), National Distributing Co. of Missouri (1963),
Stemmler, Fisher and Associates  1972-1977 Became Stemmler, Fisher, Waltke & Hagen Pogen's Family Bakery (1972), Suits Me. Honey Co. (1974), Haase Olives and foods (1974), TG Bancshares Co. (1975), Indian Creek Racquet Club, Kansas City (1976),
Stemmler, Fisher, Waltke & Hagen  1977-1979 Schlueter Manufacturing Co. (1977), Lee's Home Entertainment Center (1977). Heitner Corp. (1977), Custom Industries Inc. (1977)
Stemmler, Weiland & Associates  1984?- 1985 Became Stemmler Communications, Inc.
Stemmler, Weiland & Smith  1981-1985 Became Stemmler, Weiland & Associates
Stobie Brace Marketing Communications  1992? Transcend Services, Inc. (1994),
Glee R. Stocker & Associates  1948 Dazey Corporation (1948), Lambert Engineering (1957), Irwin-Willert Co. (1958),
Stockton & Associates  1952- 1955 Merged with Lynch & Hart to become Lynch, Hart & Stockton Advertising
Rick Stoff Communications 
Stolz Advertising Company  1964-1988 Became Glennon & Company Midland Container Corp. (1964), Lee-Rowan (1967), Modern Crafts (1967), Kaepa Tennis Shoes (1977), Krey Packing Co. (1977), Famous Barr, State of St. Louis (1983), Six Flags(1983), RCGA (1983), St. Louis McDonald's (1985), Enterprise Leasing (1985), Movies to Go (1985), Drake, Beam, Morin (1986), Toy Chest (1987), Andy's Seasonings Co. (1987), Ident Corp. of America, Inc. (1987), The Summit (1987), The Knolls resort (1987),
Storm Advertising Co., Inc.  1959 Local branch of Rochester, NY agency Monite mothproofing products (1959), American Mothproofing Co. (1959), Northeastern Fiberglass Co. (1961), Inter-Montana Sport (1962),
Studio D Marketing Communications  2013 Cambridge Engineering; Coventry Capital; Frontenac Bank; Jim Butler Autogroup; KRJ Architects; SIOR Foundation; St. Louis County Department of Public Health; Surgical Direct; Unico Systems;
Swanson & Associates  1984?
Swell Advertising  Stihl Chainsaws, Chaumette Winery, ROHO Cushions, St. John's Mercy Medical Center,
Hilmer V. Swenson Company  1932 Chicago HQ Angelica Jackets (1934-), Love Charm Perfume (1935-1937)
Synergy Group, Inc.  1995- Duckett Creek Sanitary District (1995), Facilities Solutions Inc. (1995), J & G Computer Solutions (1995), Lee Hecht Harrison human resources (1995), Sacks Group (1995),