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St. Louis Sentinel History

Howard Woods, founder. His wife Jane became the publisher upon his death in 1976.

This Is Our Pledge 
We are delighted to introduce to you this first issue of the ST. LOUIS SENTINEL. We have come into the St. Louis market with but one objective - to serve, with vigor, the many fine citizens who live here.
We are launching this newspaper upon a three-pronged platform: Justice, Integrity and Service. We will seek to fashion a community of justice for all. We will give Service with Integrity.
Never before in the history of America has the country been faced with so serious a challenge in its great cities. Never before has the crisis of the times cried out for vigorous articulation of a minority dedicated to self determination. We feel that this pathway, rocky though it may be, begs for courageous and strong leadership. Such contructive leadership calls for an alert and wide awake press to fill the vacuum that exists. We will serve this need, without fear or favor.
We have no loyalties, except to the people. We will be fiercely independent and strongly competitive. We seek your support, not your sympathy
We are delighted that we can share this occasion with the Golden Anniversary of the Urban Leauge (sic) of St. Louis. To salute the League was the Sentinel's idea. We wanted a genuine salute, not merely a commercial exploitation, but we desired to produce an edition which would shed some light on the important and effective work of this vital organization. This is the kind of Service we intend to consistently give St. Louis.
We welcome your comment. We welcome your news, for in truth, we are a NEWS paper. We will try to entertain you, to agitate you and sometimes provoke you to constructive thought. Al all times, however, we hope to Serve you.
The world today is moving with such rapidity. Everyone, including the Nation's largest minority, is caught up in this escalating trend. This minority will no longer accept tired old institutions that have not kept pace with the times. Today's tempo dictates that very few are satisfied with inferior products or continued mediocrity. In view of this we have assembled a top professional staff whose journalism experience totals150 years. We are putting this experience at your disposal.
The central city speaks with many voices. Such is the order of things. The issue of housing, employment, health, adequate schools and personal dignity is being spoken to by these many voices.
It will be the Sentinel's role to catch this crescendo of sound and impart it in all of its diversity to the world. This is our obligation. This is our pledge.

Howard B. Woods, Editor and Publisher
(St. Louis Sentinel first issue 3/16/1968)