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Aunt Sarah On The Farm Folks Hour Is A Gossipy Widow From Hidalgo

Hildred Ransom, who is known to the Early Morning Farm Folks on KMOX as Aunt Sarah, has a pretty hard time keeping up her end with all the kidding she has to take from the group of entertainers that make up the program. She does her bit - too much of a bit says nephew Charlie Stookey - each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:45 a.m.

It’s pretty hard to be argumentative at so early an hour but Aunt Sarah has the good of the public on her conscience and she feels that they ought to be told about a great many helpful things. True, nephew Charlie doesn’t agree that there is such a thing as a waterwitch nor that potatoes ought to be planted in the light of the moon, but Aunt Sarah knows about these things and she feels that she should give the listeners the benefit of her advice.

As a matter of fact, Aunt Sarah is very elusive but we have our doubts if she even faintly resembles the gossipy widow from Hidalgo that she represents. She is a very busy stenographer during the working days but not so busy that she doesn’t have time to think up ways to defeat Charlie. What’s more, she does it, for all of the fan letters side with her judgment.

(Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 3/4/33)