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Blandwagon Artist True Showman

One of radio's busiest and most successful entertainers is Al Bland, veteran KMOX comedian, dialectician, philosopher and creator of the highly amusing "Blandwagon." Patterned after the highly successful show of the same name which Bland created and broadcast for seven years in Cincinnati, The Blandwagon is heard each afternoon, Monday through Saturday at 3:45 p.m. over KMOX.
This daily quarter-hour program of recorded hit songs of the day is interspersed with the homey wit and philosophy of Al Bland and the fun-provoking figment of his own imagination, "Mose," the mythical studio janitor.

That it's entertaining to a large and loyal audience is evidenced by Al's daily mail which has been one of the largest ever pulled by a KMOX artist.That the show provides an ideal vehicle for several sponsor's products was shown when it became virtually "sold out" one month after going on the air. Those which have participated on The Bandwagon include Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co. for Supersuds, Colgate Dental Cream, and Colgate Liquid Hand Cream, Rit Products Co., Standard Brands, and United Fruit Co.
A versatile emcee, comedian, actor and accomplished dialectician, Al Bland is a veteran of 18 years in radio, the last three spent on station KMOX. Formerly he appeared on Stations WCMI, WPAY, WKRC, WMAL and WCKY, where he was program director for more than two years. Since joining KMOX, he has been featured on such programs as "The Old-Fashioned Barn Dance," "Al Bland and the Ranchers," and "Open House" (formerly "Breakfast at the Park Plaza"). Prior to the creation of "The Blandwagon," he broadcast the popular "KMOX Victory Panel," a popular late night-time feature.
(Originally published in KMOX Mike 1/1946).