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Ed Bonner

Down Missouri way, there’s a fellow who’s certainly in the spotlight to stay, as far as record spinning is concerned. He’s Ed Bonner, top-rated music personality in the KXOK, St. Louis, Mo., broadcast area. Born in Roxbury, Mass., Bonner migrated to California, where he began to mold a career that was to include a fling at being a city fireman, a stint in the U. S. Navy and a season or two of professional baseball with the Idaho Russets. In his spare moments, Eddie attended radio school, haunted the West Coast stations and came up with a working knowledge of “this thing called radio.” Heading back East the hard way, Eddie went to work as a staffer with stations WVNJ and WNJR at Newark, New Jersey.
Eddie’s appealing and earthy approach to the disc jockey business brought him an offer from radio station KXOK, St. Louis, Missouri. On April 30, 1951, he moved into the Midwest market with a record show that was to blossom into the top afternoon radio attraction of the Midwest. The Ed Bonner Show is heard over KXOK, Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with a special Saturday stanza from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
In addition to his air shows, Ed has worked like a real trooper, appearing at benefits, coronations, football games and charity drives all over the KXOK area. These appearances have endeared him to the hearts of thousands of young people who have since grown up and become an important part of their communities. Unlike the average disc jockey show, the Ed Bonner Show has a definite adult appeal, because Ed plays a lot of music with a minimum of chatter. Current surveys proved that, aside from being the top man in the area, his fast-moving shows have a lion’s share of the adult audience.
This past season, Ed replaced vacationing Martin Block during the week of July 15. He also participated in two music movies: one called “Jamboree,” which was filmed in New York, and the other titled “Once Upon A Horse,” which was filmed in Hollywood. When his radio show and public permit, Ed Bonner spends what spare moments are allotted him with his lovely wife, Jean, and their two youngsters, Debbie and Rick, at their home on 145 Horseshoe Drive in Kirkwood, Mo.
So, gang, whenever you have the opportunity, be sure to tune in to the terrific “St. Louis Spotlight Spinner”---Ed Bonner.
(Originally published in Hit Parader 12/1958).