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Holland Engle, KMOX Star, Was A Child Prodigy

Holland E. Engle, announcer for KMOX, is the son of Olive and Harry E. Engle, pioneer residents of Fairmont, West Virginia. He comes honestly by his natural vocation which is entertaining, and his avocation, which is writing, having inherited these inclinations from his father, who was a newspaper man and vocalist.
Like many of our noted stars of radio, Holland Engle started his career as a child actor in 1910, when he played the juvenile lead in “The Little Wedding.” In 1912 when five years old, young Engle was playing a guitar before swinging doors for pennies, graduating finally into the inner “company rooms.”
Like other ingenious little boys of the time, Engle became fascinated by the radio when he was fourteen years old, and so he constructed a station of his own and broadcast from it.
Since that time he has performed over more than one hundred individual radio stations in the United States and Canada, and over the networks of the National and Columbia Systems several times. There are no outside hobbies for this radio enthusiast. He concentrates both serious and recreational interests in radio. His spare time is spent talking operators about the resistance in an antenna coupling condenser, or with continuity writers about “stunts.” His great ambition is to become affiliated with the Columbia Broadcasting System and win the Diction Award for five consecutive years.
(Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 7/9/1932).