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John Harrington, KWK Announcer Is 23 Years Old and Likes Spinach

by Yanner Alexander
If John Harrington has an ambition tucked away in his upper left hand desk drawer, it’s to be a big time sports announcer, always providing St. Louis is the home base.
Not a spectator sportsman. Looks like a football player and was. Played guard at University of Arkansas. A three-letter man at Kirkwood H.S. Basketball, football and baseball ranked in that order of his affections.
Baseball worked its way up with him. An outfielder in his senior year at high without playing at all. Now when he broadcasts Cardinal games, he yells so enthusiastically that Thomas Patrick Convey wants him to pipe down a little.
And it’s not a pose. Talking two to three hours from Sportsman’s Park is a grind, and he prefers to take his baseball on off afternoons without benefit of remote control. Believes nearly every St. Louisan is well educated in the fine points of the game, citing the diminishing number of technical queries received by him and other members of the KWK staff - most of them accounted for by the annual crop of small boys. Never misses a local football game and wishes he could announce them over the air.
Born in New York some 23 years ago, Chicago, then St. Louis became his home. Likes his “Saturday night town” better than any other. His program, if any, includes marrying, a pleasant home in the country, two good automobiles, a salary of around $500 a month, just enough work and plenty of time for play. Doesn’t think he’s bright or ambitious, but isn’t so bashful you’d notice it.
Started this interview by spiking the report that he’s engaged to a beautiful blonde. Dates more than one girl answering that description, anyhow. Also, likes them rather small and dark.
However, he’s letting all kinds of engagements slide until fall when he returns from hermiting it out on the river. Let the mountain come—. He’s living out at Drake with Sterling Harkins, whose wife and baby have gone to Mobile, Ala., for the season, and several other congenials. It’s a forty minute drive to the studios.
Working on an alternating schedule, he’s able to get in lots of swimming, his favorite sport as a participant. Was a life guard at Osage Country Club three summers, the hardest job he ever had.
Oh yes, in case you don’t already know and can’t wait for television, he has curly brown hair, nice blue eyes, turned up nose and the beginning of a swell tan. And he likes spinach.
(Originally published in Radio & Entertainment 5/29/1932)