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KDNA-FM - Listener Supported Radio

If you're tired of hearing the same old thing on the radio, even if it is your favorite tunes, or if you would like to take a breather from commercials, you might want to check out radio station KDNA-FM at 102.5 on the FM dial.
KDNA is a non-commercial, listener supported station that plays just about every kind of music imaginable, mixed with talk about a variety of topics.
On KDNA you will hear country and bluegrass music mixed with Beethoven, the Beatles, jazz and folk singers from foreign countries. Of special interest might be Jeff Cook's Bluegrass Show where you often will catch local groups playing live in the KDNA studios.
KDNA is supported entirely by its listeners, one of only eight stations in the country that operate that way. They are also interested in listeners' ideas for programs. So tune them in, give a listen, and give them a call about what you think. It will certainly be radio like you have never heard before.
(Originally published in C&W Music 7/5/1972).