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Although these call letters never made it to the airwaves in the St. Louis market, their significance merits a mention here.

The Voice of St. Louis, Incorporated was an organization of businessmen assembled to build a new “super” radio station for the city. Thomas Convey was the group’s managing director. Members included the Davis Realty and Mortgage Company. Colin P. Kennedy of the Kennedy Corp. was president, Clifford Cornell of the Merchants’ Exchange was an early backer. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat was heavily involved, and other member organizations included Skouras Brothers Enterprises, Mayfair Investment Company, The Colin B. Kennedy Corporation, the C.F. BlankeCompany, Brown Shoe, Kilgen & Son, and Wagner Electric. 

They were so sure they would get the KVSL calls that they used them in reference to the station in newspaper articles following the station’s progress. One Globe-Democrat headline read: “Super Station Studios to be Finished Soon - Department of Commerce Holds Call KVSL Awaiting Approval of Board of Directors…” The article went on, “The Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. has tentatively assigned the call letters KVSL to the “Voice of St. Louis,” pending the decision of the Board of Directors of the new station, according to a telegram received from Washington yesterday [10/24/25].”

But the call letter plans fell through. Just before the station signed on, the Department of Commerce assigned the calls KMOX. A last ditch effort to get KMO fell through when it was learned they had already been assigned to a small West Coast station.