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Municipal Opera on Frequency Modulation

Municipal Opera on Frequency Modulation!!
For the third consecutive year, WEW, the oldest station West of the Mississippi, is presenting “Your Municipal Opera of the Air,” with Louise Munsch as program interviewer and commentator. The station is now proud to add the service of its new Frequency Modulation Station, WEW-FM, Channel 231, 94.1 on your FM dial, and radiating 46,000 watts power.
Attending the show on opening night enables Miss Munsch to familiarize herself with the stars and the production itself. Through a personal visit with the prospective interviewee, she gleans the interesting information about them and their background. 11:30 A.M. on Wednesdays is the perfect time for women and men (if they’re free) to listen to “Just For Women,” as it highlights the stars and the production itself of the Municipal Open-Air Theatre on both AM and FM.
Starting with the chorus of the hit song, then a brief dramatic speech from the show, you are invited to meet intimately – through the medium of radio – the people who entertain and thrill you each week from the tree-encircled stage. In a heart-to-heart chat, Louise Munsch brings out the personality and background of the star, as well as the outstanding portions of the current opera…You are invited to tune in.
(Originally published in Municipal Opera Program 1947)