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New Director At WEW

Rev. Chas. T. Corcoran, S.J., is the new director of Radio Station WEW, St. Louis University, succeeding Rev. Thurber M. Smith, who was recently appointed assistant dean of the Graduate School.
The new director is carrying out the enlarged program initiated by Father Smith at the beginning of the year, and he is trying to maintain the same high standard.
In pursuance of this policy, plans are now under way, under the direction of professor Walter von Kalinowski, to eliminate jazz and to cater exclusively to listeners who have a taste or desire for the best in music.
Another point of the present policy is to emphasize educational features. Since radio entertainment is sufficiently provided by other stations, it will be the aim of WEW to devote itself more and more, as circumstances permit, to popular education. With this in view Fr. Corcoran is endeavoring to enlist the cooperation of faculty members in inaugurating a University faculty hour which will be devoted exclusively to talks by various instructors. Several of the departments have already given to this project their hearty cooperation, and others, no doubt will join them.
(Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 1/16/32).