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Popular WEW Star Among Leaders In Fan Mail

Gypsy Joe
Gypsy Joe


By Bill Nolan

The best-known radio continuity in this section of the country is “A Song For You and You and You” - and especially you over there. And it tells the story of one of the most successful radio programs too.
Most of you know what program regularly brings that to listeners - but for the benefit of those few who may not know what that program is, it’s the series of half hours with Gypsy Joe and Bill Durney. I say Gypsy Joe and Bill Durney because since the series began the two have become almost inseparable in radio.
It’s just about a year ago that this tall, rangy fellow walked into the studios of WEW and wanted to get “on the air,” probably to get famous. He did and he did, if you get what I mean. That’s just about a year ago - and since that time Joe has received about thirty or forty thousand pieces of mail and telegrams. And if that isn’t an indication of radio popularity - trot out your own indication.
One of Joe’s latest epistles tells of the formulation of a Gypsy Joe Sewing Club - and some time ago we heard tell of the Gypsy Joe Girls’ Trio, a singing group who probably have memorized every song Joe has sung.
(Originally published in Radio & Entertainment 8/26/1933.)