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Radio Telephone For KXOK

KXOK’s Field Car is now equipped with the new radio telephone, enabling KXOK to give listeners faster and greater coverage of spot news and special features. With the radio telephone, the Field Car can keep in constant communications with the studio from any point in the St. Louis area.
KXOK is the first station in the St. Louis area to add both the field car and the radio telephone to its already considerable facilities. The Field Car, a new station wagon, is also being equipped with portable and wire recorders and additional power sources to enable field coverage of programs of interest to listeners. At some future date it is probable that a mobile transmitter will be added.
KXOK established a precedent in the field of radio broadcasting three months ago during the coverage of a spectacular million-dollar warehouse fire. Bruce Barrington, KXOK news editor repeated over the air a report by radio telephone of an on-the-spot description of the fire. This aroused so much favorable comment that KXOK lost no time in securing the service of a radio telephone available 24 hours daily to the station.
(Originally published in KXOK newsletter 4/1947).