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Ragtime Piano

On March 7 [1972], KDNA began a series of lour-long programs each Tuesday evening from eight to nine on the heritage of ragtime piano. The program is being organized and presented by Mr. Trebor Tichenor of St. Louis. Mr. Tichenor plays piano with the St. Louis Ragtimers down on the Showboat Goldenrod and is coincidnetally a recognized authority on ragtime in the U.S.
The program draws nearly exclusively from the collection of piano rolls and records in Mr. Tichenor's collection, and he will provide commentary for the works.
We aren't sure how long the series will run, but if you have any comments or questions about the program you might write the station, or better yet, call up during the program since it will all be produced live from our studios.
(Originally published in Fat Chance April 1972)