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The Voice of St. Louis

The Radio industry in St. Louis has received more impetus by reason of the Radio Show than it could possibly have received in any other way.
It has been no secret that the Radio business in St. Louis has lagged, and while there have been many attempts to analyze the reason, no one seems to have been able to explain this lagging situation, but everyone intimately associated in the Radio business has already recognized the enthusiam that has been brought about by reason of the Show.
Of course, we are all anticipating an even greater interest with the approaching opening of the new Super-Broadcast station, "The Voice of St. Louis," and with this addition to the several excellent stations already in operation, there should be no lack of thoroughly satisfactory programs available to the St. Louis trade territory.
It may not be generally known that the St. Louis Radio Trades Association, who promoted and sponsored the Radio Show, also sponsored and promoted this new Super-Broadcast station.
The station proper will be located at Manchester and Denny Roads, Kirkwood, Mo., and the Studio will temporarily be located at the Mayfair Hotel, 8th and St. Charles, but will be permanently located in the New Ambassador Building when completed.
The ground was broken for the station on last Saturday, October 10th, and it is expected to have the station in operation by about December 15th.
Some idea of the magnitude of this development may be gained from the fact the construction and first year's operation represents an outlay of $150,000.00.
Mr. Thomas P. Convey is the man behind the gun on both the Radio Show and the new station, and it is due entirely to his untiring aggressiveness and energy that he has been able to consolidate the Radio interests of St. Louis as he has done during the past few months.
(Originally published in The Radio Dealer 10/15/1925).