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License #141 was issued on April 3, 1922 to WCK in St. Louis, owned by Stix, Baer & Fuller Dry goods. The station’s inaugural broadcast came a couple weeks later, on April 18. Miss Mary Jones was in charge of WCK’s programming, and she brought in St. Louis Mayor Henry Kiel to speak, “…through the huge horn-like transmitter installed on the eleventh floor of the Stix, Baer & Fuller Building.”

Initially, WCK broadcast Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6:45 - 8:00. Since it was on 360 meters, it shared the frequency with several other stations.

The station began advertising its daily schedule in the Post-Dispatch on April 26, and it often appeared on the same page as the schedule for KSD, which was owned by the paper. The WCK ads stopped after a few weeks.

In 1923 WCK went silent on Thursday nights to allow local listeners to pick up distant stations. During the week of July 14-21, 1924 the station went silent. No explanation was given, but it was assumed this was vacation time for all its employees. Broadcasts resumed July 22.

On March 1, 1925, WIL went on the air and shared frequencies with WCK.

The call letters WCK were changed to WSBF June 21, 1925.