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WEW Founds University of the Air To Present All College Subjects

The founding of a “University of the Air” has been announced by Rev. Charles T. Corcoran, S.J., Director of the St. Louis University radio station, WEW.
All subjects presented will be offered informally - there will be no formal registration, and there will be no attendance requirements. The program is to be a series of informal lectures on University subjects and will include almost all subjects offered in a university curriculum. History, Literature, Astronomy, Philosophy, Languages, Economics, and Dramatic activities are some of the subjects already scheduled, and more will shortly be added.
The purpose of these programs is to offer such material as is of educational significance, and all the lectures will be presented in as non-technical a manner as possible. The programs will be interesting and will appeal to the casual listener; they will, however, be conducted with a view to educating.
In calling attention to these broadcasts, Father Corcoran said: “We consider radio as a medium that is frequently called new; in the dispensation of education radio is a comparatively new medium. Although a number of fine experiments have been made in radio education, most of the experiments have been highly localized, only a few being on an extensive scale. Therefore, with little previous experiences to guide us, we must regard these broadcasts in the nature of experiments. Speaking generally, we are only at the dawn of the day in broadcasting, and the response of the listeners is our only guide in presenting educational programs.”
“We not only welcome, we request suggestions, comment, and criticisms on this new program. The lecturers will all be well qualified for this work, and the only difficulty we can foresee now, is the manner, time and type of presentation that will be most effective. Of that, the audience is the best judge.”
Daily broadcasts of the “University of the Air” are made at 4:45 p.m.
(Originally published in Radio & Entertainment 3/4/1933)