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The station went on the air November 26, 1922.

Its only broadcast activity was the Sunday service at the Kingshighway Presbyterian Church, Cabanne and Kingshighway, which owned the station. A newspaper article said it was one of the first church radio stations to broadcast.

The station was upgraded from class “C” to class “A” on August 12, 1923. It was assigned to 1070 Kc

In 1927, after FRC reallocation, the frequency was 1210 Kc. October 23 of that year saw WMAY sharing time on the frequency with KFQA. At one point in 1928, the station’s frequency was shown at 1280 Kc.

On May 28, 1928, the station was told by the Federal Radio Commission that the latest reorganization plan would result in the station losing its license. At that time, WMAY was sharing the 1200 Kc. frequency with KFWF. (There is an unconfirmed report that WMAY actually did leave the airwaves September 2, 1928.) WMAY began broadcasting the church services over WIL July 1, 1930, using the calls WMAY during the broadcasts.

In 1930, on August 6, the Kingshighway Presbyterian Church asked the FRC to assign its license to WMAY, Inc. The new corporation also asked permission to build a new transmitter and locate it on the southeast corner of 15th and Locust, which was the Warwick Hotel (using the former WSBF studios), and to change the frequency from 1200 Kc to 1300 Kc.

On October 31, 1930, the FRC ordered WMAY to cease all operations, citing the church’s failure to renew the station’s license and noting that the station had actually been silent since September.

After extensive hearings, the FRC denied a new license for WMAY on April 10, 1931.