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Balanced Radio Diet For Listeners Prescribed By Katheryne McIntire Providing a balanced radio diet of chain and local programs with a dash of humor and seasoned thoroughly with sparkling personalities is the job of Miss Katheryne McIntire, program director at KMOX.
KMOX Has A Radio Pioneer For Announcer Holland E. Engle, popular rapid-fire KMOX announcer was one of the first artists to be heard on the radio. Holland was just a youngster of thirteen when
Uncle Billy Of KMOX Gets 2,000 Letters A Week From Fans He just sounds old.
Treasure Chest His impersonations were the key
Irene Beasley Got Her Radio Start On Station KMOX If she hadn't decided to write a song, she might just be Irene Beasley, school teacher, instead of radio's "Long, tall gal from Dixie."
France Laux, The Sports Voice Of KMOX France Laux, chief sports announcer of KMOX, has had a brilliant and interesting career ever since his high school days. France's accurate and interesting description of the baseball games over KMOX has won him the title of "The most listened-to announcer in St. Louis," and the title is well earned,
KMOX - "The Voice of St. Louis" - Engineering History On Christmas Eve, 1925, KMOX first went on the air from Kirkwood, Missouri, licensed as "The Voice of St. Louis." A venture spurred by the imagination or 15 prominent businessmen in the community, it was also strongly supported by the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Glamour, Giggles and Excitement At KMOX County Fair Giggles, a lazily strummed guitar, rollicking accordion tunes and a general scurrying of footsteps describes as nearly accurately as possible the behind-the-scenes preparation for the weekly KMOX County Fair.
Aunt Sarah On The Farm Folks Hour Is A Gossipy Widow From Hidalgo Hildred Ransom, who is known to the Early Morning Farm Folks on KMOX as Aunt Sarah, has a pretty hard time keeping up her end with all the kidding she has to take from the group of entertainers that make up the program.
Kenneth Wright Daytime Organist Kenneth Wright is the new organist heard in KMOX daytime programs. He is also heard as "Sad Sam," the accordion man teamed with "Sunny Joe" Wolverton , the banjo wizard.
Beer, Baseball And Radio - A Long Relationship Back in 1939, one local brewery's name was synonymous with sports in St. Louis. They sponsored broadcasts of pre-game and post-game baseball broadcasts on the radio and daily sports updates on five local radio stations. In fact, they practically wrote the book on sports sponsorships and broadcasts. No, it wasn't Anheuser-Busch.
Marvin E. Mueller Told Radio Men They Didn't Know Their Business And Now Shows 'Em Dramatic actor par excellence, ace announcer, writer, production man, singer, player of both the piano and alto horn…and only 19 years old…that's Marvin Elliot Mueller,
Pushed Into The Studio As Unwilling Substitute, Stays On To Career Now featured announcer and program director
From St. Louis Singer To Children’s Book Author In the days when there were creative, talented people in the radio business, there were plenty of “characters” who gravitated to broadcasting. Kitty Fink, as she was known to her listeners, fit that description, even after she got out of the broadcast business.
On A Cold December Night Freezing temperatures at the end of December in St. Louis are to be expected. But even though the mercury dropped to 33 degrees the night of Christmas Eve, 1925, a group of engineers apparently had no qualms about trekking to the middle of a field in the (then) far-western suburb of Kirkwood for a special nighttime event.
Van Volkenburg Elected President of Station KMOX At 29 He Is Youngest Executive To Hold That Post
Harold Bolande, Announcer, Musician And Actor Finds Happiness In Radio A radio career that started on a whim.
A Great Sister Act Hits St. Louis Mary and Ruth Miccolis are excellent examples of how good, old-fashioned tenacity could pay off for radio entertainers during the medium's heyday.
St. Louis Is Now A Network Center St. Louis last week became the central control point of all East-West radio broadcasting activities of the Columbia Broadcasting Company, according to an announcement from the office of William H. West, director of operations at KMOX.
"Spirit of St. Louis" Broadcast Series Inaugurated Sunday With a special program by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra under Guest Conductor E. Fernandez Arbos of Madrid, Spain, "The Spirit of St. Louis" went upon the air over station KMOX Sunday, in the most unusual campaign of civic advertising by radio ever undertaken in America.
Buster Brown Goes to the White House It was his first day on the job as the voice of Buster Brown on KMOX in 1926. No one, not even Bryson Rash himself, envisioned that day as the beginning of a career that would lead him to the job of network White House correspondent.
Harlan Eugene Read, Engineer of "Katy News Express" Is Man of Letters A graduate of Oxford in the U.K. was a St. Louis news commentator
She Directs the Programs on KMOX
Voice of St. Louis to be Heard from New Studio Soon Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars Spent for New Quarters in Mart Building
A Technical Look At KMOX If you're statistically minded, here are a few numbers to keep you busy:
St. Louis Cardinals' Radio History For generations radio listeners have twisted their dials with renewed fervor in April when baseball season begins. It St. Louis for over a half-century, those dials were tuned to KMOX, but the Cardinals’ play-by-play has been heard on other stations here too.
Small-Town Girl Hits the Big Time When Viola Jeanne Chassels graduated from Salem High School in Illinois in 1931, she may have had the typical high school dreams of the time: get married, settle down, raise a family. Instead she became a well-known radio singer.
Marvin Mueller at KMOX Scores Success as Kindly Uncle Remus The radio man of many voices.
Going Wherever the Jobs Were "There was a joint across the street from KMOX, a tavern. We used to hang out in that tavern."
"I Had No Idea Who Robert Hyland Was." A stopover in St. Louis and an unexpected phone call changed Anne Keefe's career.
The Top St. Louis Radio Drama What began on KMOX in 1937 became a bastion of radio drama for 25 years in St. Louis, thanks in part to the work of a twenty-something man named Kensinger Jones.
What He Really Wanted to Do Was Sing His abilities as a singer didn't impress management.
Tony Cabooch - St. Louis' National Radio Star His ability to play the roles of many characters impressed the sponsor.
The Story of Harry Cheshire ("Pappy")…born in Emporia, Kansas and lived for several years in Texas. "Pappy" was in show business for 24 years before entering radio at KFH, Wichita, Kansas. For several years he played character and comedy parts in musical comedies, among those the well known "High Jinks."
"Skeets" Yaney Voted into the Country Music Hall of Fame
Hark! The Voice Of St. Louis! KMOX called one of the five leading broadcasters of America. Represents 16 large business houses and speaks for a wide area known as the "49th State."
Laux Got To The Top Quickly Started in the hot seat.
KMOX Was Shumates' Last Stop
Junkin Was In The Right Place At The Right Time Announcer Junkin worked his way to the top at KMOX.
Farm Radio From City Stations When it came to life in the early 1920s, radio became a medium for the masses with what is now called "block programming" - specific shows aimed at specific audience segments. For decades, farmers were a huge block, and two men in St. Louis became celebrities during their respective reigns on the radio.
For Gobel, KMOX Was A Step On The Ladder Was in show business here as a budding hillbilly comedian.
KMOX Goes to Continuous Broadcasting Will be on the air 24 hours a day until the end of the war.
KMOX Moves to New Quarters
KMOX Janitors Became Radio Stars It paid to be in the right place at the right time for these two people.
KMOX Broadcasts Return Of Beer On CBS Network Nationwide hookup from brewery
Bob Holt, KMOX Announcer, Quit Ministry For Mike Became local star
Three Comics From Topeka Captivate St. Louis Hearts Henry Dreamed of Radio Starring; Zeb Led An Orchestra; Otto Was Band Leader With Troops In France
Holman Sisters Win Local Paul Whiteman Radio Contest KMOX group may hit the big time
Ken Wright, Master of Organ, Violin, Piano and Accordion Is Charming and Handsome! Nancy Frazer profiles the KMOX organist
Ann Walsh Cooks As She Talks In Magic Kitchen Part of the station's new studio complex
“Voice of St. Louis” Opened to the World Dedicated on a cold December night.
Holland Engle, KMOX Star, Was A Child Prodigy Built his own radio as a kid.
Don Hunt, KMOX’s “Uncle Billy” Author of Radiomusicomedy Kids' show host wears many hats
KMOX Plans New Year’s Eve Party Arrangements For 10,000 Being Made For 8 p.m. Till Dawn Celebration Saturday
The "Office Boy" Gets Ideas An unlikely radio star
Peter Grant Wanted To Be An Announcer So He Is One Living his dream
Staff Organist Was Child Prodigy Not prone to self-promotion
New KMOX Trio A Sensation After First Appearance Another talent find from the Ted Straeter Agency
New Director of Station At KMOX J. L. Van Volkenburg becomes Chief Executive. Came from Chicago as sales manager
The Voice Of St. Louis [A Flooring Perspective] One seldom gives consideration to the floors in radio stations. But the designers of the KMOX Mart Building facility did.
KMOX Was Important to CBS Many network programs originated here.
Early Program Gets Wide Praise From Listeners People around the world listen at all hours.
Mangner In Charge of KMOX Farm Programs Named to replace Charles Stookey
KMOX Feeds CBS Western Network Local talent heard over many stations.
Blandwagon Artist True Showman Veteran broadcaster is a hit in St. Louis
Former Vocalist, Actor, Announcer, Now Ace KMOX Newsman The beginning of a long, respected career in St. Louis
Noted Foreign Correspondent Joins KMOX News Staff John Raleigh replaces Guy Runnion
KMOX Rewarded Its Initial Investors Major local corporations backed the radio station.
KMOX Radio Log 1928
KMOX Studios Were Once In A Brewery Station had a temporary home in Soulard.
First Strike Against A Radio Station Was In St. Louis
The Voice of St. Louis A Super radio station is being built in St. Louis.
New KMOX Transmitter Dedication
They Refused to Sign A Statement The story of the first recorded strike of broadcasting engineers.