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Direct-Line Service From Stock Yards New WEW Feature Twelve years ago - when radio was a playtoy, and a listener was not worried with what he received, the broadcast of market reports was inaugurated over the St. Louis University radio station, WEW.
Popular WEW Star Among Leaders In Fan Mail His Listeners Form Radio Sewing Club
There Were Several "Firsts" At WEW Broadcast code as early as 1912.
WEW's Uncle Bill is "Pal" to His Youthful Artists and Co-Workers A paternal "uncle."
WEW Founds University of the Air To Present All College Subjects "No attendance requirements."
WEW's Roller Coaster History Began In March, 1922 WEW was never much of a money maker.
WEW Was Definitely First It's really a question of how you word it.
New Director At WEW A change in station management
WEW Celebrates Its Twelfth Year of Broadcasting Renowned As One of Earliest Pioneers of Radio. One Of the Few Non-Commercial Stations In the U.S. Presenting Entertainment Features On Full Allotment Of Time. Success Largely Due to Brother George E. Ruepel, S.J., Who Has Promoted It Unceasingly.
New Director For Station WEW Executive changes at St. Louis University station.