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KSD Transmitter History 2 part PDF
When The Union Gave KSD A Kick In The Pants When KSD signed on in 1922, the Pulitzer family proudly touted their new radio station in the pages of their newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Then other stations signed on in St. Louis, and other newspapers gave them plenty of publicity.
Radio Station KSD A first-person account of the earliest experimental broadcasts of KSD in the days before the station received its broadcasting license.
KSD, "The Station Without A Slogan" Station KSD was the first radio broadcasting station to be given a class B license by the United States government. On August 31, 1922, just two months after the station opened, broadcasting was begun at 8 p.m. on the old wave length of 360 meters
They Used To Take Requests When radio was a big deal, they catered to the listeners' whims.
KSD, St. Louis' Pioneer Station, Reclaims Position Once Held Here
KSD Signs On
Post-Dispatch Owned Market's First Commercial Radio Station
How Station KSD Took to the Air
Station KSD of the Post-Dispatch Heard in Many Nations Name of St. Louis Broadcast Throughout the United States Daily and Institutions of City, Like the Symphony Orchestra, Have Been Made Better Known Nationally – Station Has Grown Rapidly Since Inauguration Year Ago
Ralph Hansen Will Never Forget Pearl Harbor In the newsroom when news of the attack came in.
V.A.L. Jones - The First Lady Of St. Louis Radio Listeners loved her voice but some couldn't tell if she was a man or a woman.
Eddie Benson - St. Louis Inventor It was the night of the Harding-Cox presidential election, November 6, 1920. At the very same moment KDKA "made history" by broadcasting the results, a 20 year-old kid was doing the same thing over 500 miles away on a transmitter he built in the basement of his home in St. Louis.
New Studios for KSD
William H. West Is New General Manager of Radio Station KSD Leaves KMOX
"Aunt Elizabeth" Comes to KSD No one knew her true identity.
KSD - The First Year A first-person observational account.
KSD's First Eleven Years A classic marketing department article
Mary Lee Taylor For 17 years now Mary Lee Taylor has offered her recipes for happiness.