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KWK Articles

KWK Will Have Country Club For Tired Announcers The first radio country club in America is now being developed within the city limits of Kirkwood - on the grounds of the transmitter plant of KWK. When completed early this summer it will have bridle paths, swimming pool, tennis courts, handball courts and even a trapshooting field.
Brewery Sponsors Unique Radio Program Taking baseball to the people.
Thomas Patrick, Inc. New Corporate Name Of KWK Interesting Program Honors Founder And President Of The Station
Age-Old Tale: Management vs. Employee (and Others Too) Since the earliest days of the radio business there have been conflicts between management and talent. In St. Louis, one of those conflicts led to an appearance in police court.
The “Soul of the City” Was Short-Lived It was a long road back after the FCC pulled the plug on KWK radio.
Following in Father's Footsteps
Mrs. Thomas Patrick Helps Build KWK's Popularity
An Inside Look At KWK's Golden Days
Delmar King, Versatile KWK Star Reveals His Secret Ambition When Del King, announcer at KWK, sings the title role as a star of the Metropolitan Opera, then he will be truly happy.
WGN Gets Johnny Harrington, KWK's Ace Sports Announcer Popular sports commentator, who grew up with radio in St. Louis, moves north.
Tom Dailey Was A Huge Star at KWK Wore many hats on many different programs.
John Harrington, KWK Announcer Is 23 Years Old and Likes Spinach Early St. Louis baseball broadcaster at age 23.
They're Frank and Ernest - But Not Really KWK's Chatter and Patter Team Are Not As Serious As Their Names Sound
Newsome Had A National Rep Before St. Louis Used his past acquaintances to endear himself to local listeners.
Sterling Harkins, KWK Soloist, U. of Mo. Grad His daughter is his #1 fan.
"Records" On Your Radio "Records" wasn't his middle name, but he loved his oldies.
KWK Celebrates 23rd Anniversary The Convey family's hard work has paid off in station success.
KWK - Hotel Chase Very early PR puff piece with questionable "facts."
Polly Pops Pirates KWK’s New Feature Has Thrills Aplenty
KWK’s Sound Expert Creates Illusions For Radio Fans Theater of the mind.