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KXOK Was Good To Chet Thomas When Chet Thomas came to St. Louis with his young wife, he wasn't sure he'd made the right decision. Then their house was burglarized. They left within a year. It would be several years before he could be persuaded to return.
Radio Park Was One Of A Kind “Radio Park.” It’s a name that prompts a variety of visual images, which is why it was a perfect home for a radio station that relied on theater of the mind. Listeners usually had a much different mental image and many were somewhat disappointed when they saw it, but that didn’t change the way they felt about the station at Radio Park.
KXOK Signs On In 1938
A Look at KXOK in the Late '40s
An Original KXOK'er In his own words, Bob Hille recalls the early history of KXOK.
KXOK Was St. Louis' "American Graffiti"
KXOK Overcomes Hurdles To Sign On
Kay Morton - Female St. Louis Radio Pioneer When she began her radio career in 1939, she was known as Jane Foster. That was on WTMV, the progressive little AM station in East St. Louis. By the time she left the broadcasting and free-lance business a couple decades later, Kay Morton was a local celebrity.
Evolution Through an Engineer's Eyes It was just like those stories you hear the old timers tell: He was a 15-year-old kid who was so fascinated with the radio business that he just hung around the station until somebody decided to hire him. His name: Dick Castanie.
Bonner Was the Top Jock in the 50s E.B. for me. The kids loved him.
Radio Legend Don Pietromonaco Dies The passing of legendary St. Louis radio personality Don Pietromonaco was recognized by various media outlets in St. Louis including a detailed obituary in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
E.B Is Disc Jockey Of The Month National recognition for a local radio star.
KXOK Announces "Radio Park"
Newscasts from On-the-Scene Location
Radio Park Cast Its Spell on Employees Too Bud Connell recalls his first day at Radio Park
Ed Bonner
Radio Telephone For KXOK