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WIL Short Wave Transmitter Used In NRA Parade Made live, on-scene broadcasts possible.
Tell Your Troubles To "Mr. Fixit" - One-Man Welfare Agency Of The Air Solving life problems for his listeners.
Neil Norman: A WIL Announcer
WIL's 35th Anniversary Growing with St. Louis from a mere 50-watt station when St. Louis was a city of 700,000 residents, WIL is now St. Louis' largest independent station with 5,000 watts, day and night, covering the present population of over 2 ¼ million people in greater St. Louis.
Frank Eschen, New WIL Announcer, Came To Radio Via Stage The beginning of a long local broadcast career.
George Wood Is One Of Radio's Veteran Announcers Transitioned from newspaper to radio.
Art Gillham Not So Sad And Gloomy As You Might Think "Master of Pessimism" enjoys his groans.
MacCormick Is New Announcer On Easy Aces Skit Franklyn MacCormick, former Program Director of WIL, is now with the Columbia Broadcasting System as announcer for the Lavoris Easy Aces program heard every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m. over KMOX.
Billy Lang, WIL Announcer, Came To Radio From The Stage Billy Lang, senior announcer at WIL, began his professional career with Paul Whiteman in Denver, their home town. Lang was one of the original rhythm boys in Whiteman’s orchestra.
Franklyn MacCormack Was Stage Star Before Radio Claimed Him Former Stage and Movie Star Once CBS Announcer
WIL - St. Louis' "Friendly Station" Things were very different in radio's early days.
A Day at WIL "The Friendly Station" WIL in 1931
WIL Celebrates 10th Anniversary Don't believe everything spun by the PR machine, though.
"Don't Be Late For School" Program Heard Over WIL "Good morning, Children. It is exactly eight o'clock Central Standard Time, your station is WIL and this is your 'Don't Be Late For School Program.'"
WIL Will Scoop 'em Now With 'Newscasts' A broadcast service that will keep the public informed of all the latest local news has been resumed by WIL after three years intermission.
Russ Walker, WIL Announcer Finds Hobby In Poetry Embarrassed to admit it.
Neil Norman, Third Generation of Stage Family, Now WIL Announcer And his wife is a radio star too.
Garnett Marks, WIL Announcer is Aviator and Writer This successful radio man moved around...a lot.
WIL Broadcasts From Police Court As Daily Feature Broadcasts direct from police headquarters.
Action Central News 24 Hours A Day News promotion 1959
Get Up and GO In 1959, Gary Owens was honing his craft on WIL
"The Friendly Station" Lives Up to Its Name Working in the radio business used to be fun.
WIL’s Uncle Bob Entertains “Mates” of Pirates Club Bob Enoch starred in his own kids' show.
WIL's Night Watchman Was Everywhere Girl About Town reviews St. Louis night life with the “Old Night Watchman”
WIL Announcers All Have Wide Radio or Theatrical Background And Come From Different States. The author goes under the veneer to reveal who is behind the voices.
WIL Has New Penthouse Rooftop of Melbourne Hotel is repurposed
Mr. Benson's Station Or the Star's? Newspaper article makes claims, but there's no historic documentation showing ownership.
A Great Country Music Station WIL's glory days as a country & western powerhouse.
New Studios For WIL Early radio performers had to make some adjustments.
WIL Goes Country
WIL Roof Garden Opens
WIL Provides Music Instead of Baseball It's what you do when you lose baseball rights (but don't tell anyone).
WIL's Kids' Show
Opening of WIL's New Home is Set For Early May Will be bungalow on roof garden atop Hotel Melbourne