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"Gentleman" Jim Gates

The career of Gentleman Jim Gates began at KATZ in 1968. After three years, he moved to KWK, followed by WESL, where he was co-owner of the station and served as GM and PD. In 1986 he returned to KATZ as GM. He also worked at KXOK in 1993 and them KMJM where his show was the highest-rated on the station. In 2000 Jim had a show on the Peabody Award-winning KJZJ, and he also worked at WFUN-FM. Known as “The Brown-Eyed Scorpio, Gates earned over 40 Gold Records from the music industry. He became one of the first jocks in the country to play Hip Hop when he introduced his listeners to the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” The NAACP presented Jim Gates with its Legend Award in 2008.