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KSD-TV to Drop CBS

KSD-TV, the St. Louis area's first television station, announced it has begun an orderly process of discontinuing CBS programs it has been carrying for the last five years. The move follows inauguration of service on July 8 of KWK-TV, with which CBS made an interim primary affiliation.
Both stations are VHF outlets, KSD-TV on channel 5 and KWK-TV on channel 4. CBS, itself an applicant for VHF channel 11 in St. Louis, is expected to exercise its 60-day cancellation clause in its KWK-TV affiliation should the network's application be granted.
KSD-TV became a primary NBC-TV affiliate when television network service was made available to St. Louis in 1948, a year after the station went on the air. KSD-TV also made affiliation agreements with other TV networks, including CBS, in order to provide more comprehensive service for the St. Louis television audience.
CBS has requested KSD-TV to continue telecasting its Monday through Friday daytime shows until September 24. Certain Saturday, Sunday and evening programs which KSD-TV carries "live" from CBS will continue to be telecast by the station until termination of their current 13-week cycles. Periods which these programs occupied on KSD-TV will be reassigned to local, national and other network advertisers.
(Originally published in the Ad Club Weekly 8//2/1954).