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Skeets Yaney and the Ozark Barn Dance

Who said New York and Hollywood has (sic) all the talent? Just to prove a point tune in on the Ozark Barn Dance every Friday at 8:30 p.m. over TV station KACY - Channel 14, and you will be entertained by local talent of network quality. Even the set which forms the background for this show is so original, so complete  and so big that one can almost smell the invigorating odor of fresh-mown hay. Skeets Yaney, originator and MC of this show, is one of the most amiable and friendly sort of entertainers (he is just as likeable off the show as in front of the cameras). It is a pleasure to watch as he performs on his guitar with or without vocal arrangements, and his direction of the show is so natural you get the feeling that you are just as much a part of it as he is. But that isn't all. Skeets has gathered a group of people that are so likeable, homey and down to earth that everyone in the family will find equal enjoyment in such entertainment, as he presents "The Range Riders," a trio consisting of Roland Gaines and Shorty Mason, who sing as well as play their guitars, and Wally Proctor with his electric guitar as well as vocalizing. By the way, Wally plays a left-handed guitar. (If you don't believe it, watch him on the show.) Now meet Tommy Watson, a triple-threat man with a trumpet, a fiddle or a banjo; next, Frank Krajir, the accordianist, and Eddie Burke, bass fiddler. Frank can really tickle that accordian and Eddie is a very accomplished musician. Of course the fair sex hasn't been left out and the love and beauty interest is supplied by pretty Linda Fields, the featured vocalist. Another standout vocalist should be mentioned here and that is little Larry Keith. He's only about six or seven years old, but how you'll get to love that smile - and he smiles while he sings - and he can sing. Try it sometime and you'll see how hard it is to keep a smile on your face while singing. Every once in a while when Larry's singing, he gazes around like any other youngster would, Skeets would call his attention to the camera and boy, you should see him break out in his best smile.
Of course, no complete show is complete without its comedian, and the Ozark Barn Dance has a honey. He is Shucks Austin, who supplies the antics and comedy that is (sic) so proper and filling to liven up a barn dance. Each week a great artist is invited to appear on the show  which adds another touch of network quality to the show.
Some of you viewers have noticed that another picture is sometimes superimposed on the corner of the screen. This is done with a Montage amplifier, the same as is used on the Arthur Godfrey show. The square dancing that you see is supplied by visiting groups and very shortly folk dancing will be introduced along with the square dancing. 
We've introduced the Ozark Barn Dance, now tune in and really enjoy it.
(Originally published in TV Review).