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To the Ladies

​John Roedel, announcer on the KSD staff for six years, became host of KSD-TV’s “To the Ladies” show March 16 [1953], and Betty Barnett of the directing staff took over as its producer-director. The change was made with the departure of Harry Honig, former host and producer, who moved to the West Coast to become associated with a business firm.
The show, to which Betty is now devoting full time, has taken on a new format, and includes interviews with members of women’s organizations as well as vacation tips, fashion ideas, household hints and a variety of other information of particular interest to women in the viewing audience.
The quiz portions of the show have been brightened by the addition of Stanley Kann, popular organist, to the regular complement, which enables inclusion of musical questions. He also provides accompaniment for singers appearing on the show for the first time.
Charlie Sherwood, who worked with Honig for some time, spearheads the special features department of the hour-long program heard at 12:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.
(Originally published in P-D Notebook 4/1953)