Glenn Tintera - 2013

With numerous national awards under his belt, Glenn Tintera rose through the ranks of the local D’Arcy agency, starting as a research analyst in 1966 at age 34, retiring as executive vice president and manager of the St. Louis operation. He was a driving force behind the introduction of client Anheuser-Busch's products into international markets. Under his watch, the local office developed their “This Bud’s For You” and “Go-Getters Go Ozark” campaigns.

It was the “Belief Dynamics” system of research, which he was instrumental in developing and implementing, that helped give D’Arcy a big edge over its competitors. Glenn Tintera was named Ninth District Advertising Person of the Year in 1991 by the American Advertising Federation. In retirement, he taught advertising at his alma mater, Washington University.