Mark Vittert- 2010

While Mark Vittert would never lay claim to being a working journalist, his influence on St. Louis media is legendary. Less than two years out of college, he sold his marketing company to Playboy Enterprises. When he got to St. Louis in 1977, he became an investor in Hartmann Publishing, owner of the Riverfront Times. A silent partner, Vittert provided the much-needed capital for the paper. Within two years, he was financing another weekly, teaming with two other men to give birth to the St. Louis Business Journal. Both papers became very successful and were ultimately sold to national chains. Through his financial backing and business guidance, Vittert created two of the market’s most successful specialty newspapers. Later, Vittert became co-owner of “St. Louis Magazine.” He also spent about 15 years as a member of the esteemed panel on KETC-TV’s “Donnybrook” program.