Nance and Clif St. James - 2004

​Clif and Nance St. James began their husband/wife radio show at WTMA in Charleston, SC, coming to St. Louis in 1952 when Clif landed a job at KWK. ​After several months, he began concentrating on free-lance work while serving as KWK’s movie reporter. ​Within two years opportunity knocked when Laclede Gas bought sponsorship for the “Clif and Nancy” Show on KSD Radio and the married couple became a part of St. Louis radio history. ​Theirs is believed to be the first regular local program featuring a married couple as co-hosts. ​The program was eventually taken off the air in favor of the then wildly popular “Liberace” show from NBC, but Clif maintained a presence on KSD as a disc jockey in both the jazz and middle-of-the-road genres. ​He also had a long career in television and Nance continued her presence in the media as talent in many local radio and television commercials.