Harry Eidelman - Legacy

​Harry Eidelman was truly a radio pioneer on the St. Louis FM scene. He put KCFM on the air in 1953, and working over the ensuing years with engineer Ed Bench, he built several transmitters as well as his own multiplexing unit for stereo broadcasts.

KCFM was initially a classical music station staffed by volunteers, but no one wanted to advertise on FM in the early 50s, so Eidelman used profit from his hi-fi shop to continue the station’s operation.

The format gradually evolved into easy listening with a paid staff. He tells the story of a broadcast technology that had not fully evolved and commercial transmitters that would heat up and arc constantly. A fire knocked the station off the air for a week in 1960, but perseverance and dedication prevailed.

Staffers say working at KCFM was like being part of a family, and Eidelman has fond memories of loyal staffers and listeners who went out of their way to ensure the station’s success.