Lou Thimes - Legacy

Lou Thimes’ strong college background in business and music served him well during his nearly 50 years in St. Louis radio. Known to all his listeners as “Fatha,” Thimes’ deep voice graced the airwaves of many stations and was synonymous with the rhythm & blues music scene.

His resume paints a picture of a man well-known for his musical knowledge and legion of loyal listeners: KATZ, KADI, KXLW, KKSS, KMJM, WESL and a specialty show on community radio KDHX. In the mid-1950s, Lou was the first African-American ring announcer at the local Kiel Auditorium boxing matches.

It is a tribute to Lou Fatha Thimes that local blues musicians held him in such high esteem that they performed concerts in his honor over the years. ​