George Logan - 2017

George “The Rockin’ Mr. G” Logan began his career in Mounds, Illinois, where he announced high school basketball games. A graduate of SIU Carbondale, Logan moved his family to St. Louis, and in the early ‘50s, he could be heard on KXLW. In two successive years, he won trophies as the listeners’ favorite disc jockey. He was also heard on KATZ in the late ‘50s, and was remembered by many for his gospel and spiritual show, “Lest We Forget.” One competitor DJ said that when G played that gospel and read those poems, the whole town heard him. Logan was active in the Civil Rights movement, travelling to Little Rock and reporting on the desegregation of their high school. When he left radio in the 1960s, he worked with the Head Start program and later helped senior citizens find employment.