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Volksstimme des Westens

Years in print:

1877- 1880


Volksstimme des Westens (“Public Opinion”) was started in 1877 by a literary association of the Socialist Labor Party, Germans. Dr. A. Otto Walster was editor-in-chief, and it was the recognized social organ of the Socialists in the West. It lived two or three years.
(From the History of St. Louis City and County by John Thomas Scharf, 1883.)

This is the youngest of the daily German journals. It is published by a literary association of the "Workingman's Party." It is the reorganized organ of the German-American Socialists of the West. Dr. A. Otto Walster, editor-in-chief of the Volksstimme, is a leader of the "Workingman's Party" in the United States, and unquestionably possesses considerable ability. The enterprise from the very first has proved a success. Although at this writing (June, 1878) less than a year old, the Volksstimme des Westens has gained a very large circulation, and exerts a powerful influence among the adherents of socialism.
(From A Tour of St. Louis; or, the Inside Life of a Great City by J.A. Dacus and James W. Buel, 1878).


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Volksstimme des Westens
Volksstimme des Westens
Volksstimme des Westens


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