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Publication Name:

Ware’s Valley Monthly

Years in print:

1875- 1878


Ware's Valley Monthly was first publiished by Charles E. Ware & Co. The first number appeared in May, 1875. It was edited by the Rev. William M. Leftwich, and was devoted to literature, religion, history and general miscellany...In 1875 it passed into the hands of a stock company composed of Honorable Samuel T. Glover, Charles E. Ware, Judge Edward A. Lewis, Rev. William M. Leftwich, Captain Silas Bent, Britton A. Hill, Honorable Joseph A. Dacus and Thomas P. Akers, who sold it to General M.T. Wright in 1876. It contained eighty pages of reading matter. Its prose was generally of a higher grade than can be found in the average Western magazine, but its poetry was simply inexcusable. It suspended in 1878.
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri by Alexander N. De Menil, 1901).

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Ware’s Valley Monthly


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