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Add One

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1979- 1980


AddOne Becomes Latest Area Magazine
A bi-weekly publication called Add One is the newest addition to the local journalism scene. Add One is published by Jim Landers, formerly a reporter at the Alton Telegraph, and Judy Landers, formerly a photographer and reporter on the O’Fallon, Ill. Progress.
Add One’s first issue included a lengthy analysis of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat/Post-Dispatch business merger. Subsequent issues have focused on personalities and issues in the St. Louis area.
Landers, who said he planned and saved for Add One for six years, publishes the magazine out of Troy, Ill.
He and his wife are aiming for annual single copy and subscription sales of 10-12,000.
Add One is available at newsstands in the St. Louis area and by subscription.
(Reprinted with permission of the St. Louis Journalism Review. Originally published 12/1979).

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Add One


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