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Publication Name:

Alton Banner

Years in print:

1866- 1913


This German paper based in Alton, was established in May, 1866, by the Pfeiffer brothers. In October of the same year, John Mudd, a practical printer, purchased the paper and continued the publication until October 1st, 1868. Then the leaders of the Republican party in Alton bought the Banner and put Mr. V. Walter in charge of it as its editor. He continued one year, when it was sold to Messrs. Meyer and Voss. In 1870, Meyer purchased Voss' interest and continued the publication until January 6th, 1877, when he sold the Banner to R. Boelitz. The latter continued editor and proprietor until July 1st, 1881, then sold to Messrs. Zechmeister & Henzel, and they continued to April 26th, 1862, when Messrs. Kleinwot & Henzel became editors and publishers. The Banner was independent in its politics. Mr. Zechmeister became editor. He was formerly connected with the St. Charles, Mo. Democrat. The Banner was the most independent German newspaper in Madison county.

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois by W.R. Brink & Co. 1882).

Another report indicated the paper was sold to John Mold in October, 1866, who sold it to the Republican party in 1868. On 7/1/1881 it was sold again, this time to John A. Hentzell and, Mr. Zechmeister. Mr. Kleinvot joined Hentzel as publisher 4/26/1882. The paper folded in 1913.

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