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Publication Name:

Cumberland Presbyterian

Years in print:

1855- 1874


The paper was removed from St. Louis to Alton in March, 1855, and there published until the following June. The subscription lists were then sold and transferred to the Watchman and Evangelist at Louisville, Kentucky. It was edited by J.B. Logan, a distinguished minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The paper was originally started in April, 1852, at Lexington, Missouri, where it was published for one year. In April, 1853 it was removed to St. Louis, and, on the 15th of March, 1855, removed to Alton.

The Rev. Dr. J.B. Logan then purchased the subscription lists of the Cumberland Presbyterian and united with Dr. J.R. Brown, D.D., owner of the Western Cumberland Presbyterian. The word "Western" was dropped from the name. The publication, as the Cumberland Presbyterian, was continued until October, 1874, when the paper was sold and removed to Nashville, Tennessee. 

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois by W.R. Brink & Co. 1882)

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