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East St. Louis Herald

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1878- 1884?


Messrs. Harney & Tissler, two enterprising young men of East St. Louis, opened the office, and, on the 9th of March, 1878, issued the first number of the Herald, a spicy and neatly printed newspaper. When the Herald started, it was an eight-column folio, which form it retained until March 6, 1880, when it was changed to a five-column quarto. The Herald advocated the principles of the Democratic party and was proclaimed the official paper of the city of East St. Louis in 1880.

(From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois by Brink, McDonough & Co. 1881).  

 Herald Prospectus Vol. V.

This week the Herald enters upon the fifth year of its usefulness. We embrace this opportunity to return to our numerous friends and subscribers, not only of this city, but in St. Clair and other counties, for their kind and substantial support and encouragement. To those who owe us, we heartily invite them to come up and square accounts.
We hardly need to inform our readers that the Herald is democratic - not according to the dictates of party leaders and political demagogues - but according to the literal meaning of the term, "a government by the people." We have openly and boldly denounced rings and corrupt combinations, wherever they existed, not only in this city, but in the country.
The mission of the Herald is to advocate the rights of the people, as opposed to official dishonesty; and, fully conscious of the rectitude of that cause, it shall continue as it has been - fearless, outspoken and honest.
The Herald is the only paper in this county which is not directly or indirectly the organ of any ring or party. It can therefore be unfettered in its criticism and independent in its advocacy.

This volume will be under the supervision of Washington I. Murphy, a practical printer, formerly manager of the Detroit Index Printing Co., and will present the local and county news in full and succinct form. In fact we pride ourselves by saying it will be the most spicy and entertaining paper in the county.         

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