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Publication Name:

East St. Louis Weekly Press

Years in print:

1872- 1877


The paper, formerly the People’s Gazette, was published by Mr. Saltiel, who was succeeded by W.B. Fairchild. During the winter of 1874-75, Mr. Smith edited the paper. In 1875 H.D. O’Brien purchased the press and type of L.M. St. John, who had become possessed of all stock, and continued as editor and publisher until Feb. 28th, 1877, when the subscription lists were transferred to the Gazette. The types and presses were boxed up and stored away in a building, where they remained until 1878, when the building, with others was consumed by fire, entailing a loss of nearly four thousand dollars upon Mr. O’Brien.

Also: East St. Louis Press

(From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois by Brink, McDonough & Co. 1881).

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