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Edwardsville Republican

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The paper was established by S.V. Crossman, a practical printer. He was an Englishman by birth, and came to America and learned the trade in Cincinnati. In 1854 he came to Alton, and there connected with the publication of different papers. He was the foreman and superintendent of the mechanical department of the Courier office for a number of years. He came to Edwardsville in 1869, and brought with him a job office. With that material he commenced the publication of the Republican.
The first issue was made July 1st, 1869. About the 1st of October of the same year, he purchased the material of the Courier...which had suspended. He continued editor and proprietor until his death, which occurred in June, 1875. The publication of the paper was continued by the "S.V. Crossman Printing Company," afterwards R.B. Crossman, then O.S. Reed & Co. The latter firm continued until July 1st, 1879, when T.M. and W.R. Crossman formed a partnership under the firm name of Crossman Brothers.
The Republican in form was an eight column folio. Politically it was straight Republican. While the Republican was run under the management of Robert B. Crossman, a daily paper was issued. It was kept up for a few weeks, then discontinued from a lack of patrons.

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois, by W.R. Brink, 1882).

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